Presenting SharePoint Worst Practices and Blunders

Dan Usher (@usher) and I had the distinct pleasure of presenting to the Baltimore SharePoint Users Group (@baltsharepoint) on 18/1/2013. A copy of our presentation is embedded below.

Bonus! Video

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SPTechCon: SharePoint Authentication and Authorization

I had the pleasure of getting up on a stage at SPTechCon Boston 2012 with Dan Usher (@usher) and Jason Himmelstein (@sharepointlhorn) to talk about SharePoint Authentication and Authorization. We were stepping in for Liam Cleary (@helloitsliam) and had some big shoes to fill. Thanks to all who came out to the session and if you have any questions, don’t forget to reach out.

The Presentation

SPTechCon: Pitfalls of Migrating to SharePoint 2010

Dan Usher (@usher) and I presented on the pitfalls of migrating to the SharePoint 2010 platform at SPTechCon Boston 2012. Thanks again everyone to came out.

The Presentation

SPTechCon: Admin 2010 - So You’re the New SharePoint Administrator…

It’s been a pleasure to attend and speak at SPTechcon Boston 2012 with Dan Usher (@usher). Our first presentation was a 1/2 day workshop on SharePoint Administration for the new Site Collection Admin. Thanks again to all who attended.

The Presentation

SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach 2012

SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach 2012 is a wrap and it was a great time. Thanks to all who came out to attend the session with Dan Usher and I on Pitfalls of Migration to SharePoint 2010.

Organizations of all sizes are begging their technical departments to setup SharePoint 2010 so that they’re able to make use of some of the capabilities introduced within the SharePoint 2010 platform. While designing, implementing, configuring and deploying a system in and of itself has its own set of challenges, migrating into that shiny new SharePoint can be even more difficult. In this session, Scott and Dan will share some of their experiences and lessons learned tips, tricks and pointers for ensuring that you’ve considered the various aspects of challenges that arise during a migration effort. Further, as a bonus they’ll share how to not fall prey to some of these pitfalls but rather be able to show that you’re a well rounded professional that’s thought things through before pressing the enter key.

SharePoint Saturday Richmond 2011 Decks

SharePoint Saturday Richmond is a wrap. Thank you to those who attended my sessions (and a special thanks to Dan Usher for allowing me to present with him). I apologize for the brevity of the Managed Metadata session, but there’s only so much disappointment I can dole out at once.

Trials and Tribulations of Managed Metadata

Pitfalls of Migrating to SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Saturday DC - The Conference - Session Deck

SharePoint Saturday DC - The Conference has kicked off and seems to be running full steam ahead. As promised, here is my deck from SharePoint Saturday DC - The Conference. Thanks to all who came out to my session on Managed Metadata - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.