Easily Hide Columns on a SharePoint Form with PowerShell

Marc Anderson recently had a post on his site titled Easily Hide Columns on a SharePoint Form with jQuery. As with all things SharePoint, there are a number of ways to approach a solution, so I thought I’d offer it up in PowerShell (or Po$h as it were).

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself

I want to hide columns in my list forms but I don’t know any jQuery! What is an IT Pro to do?

I’ve got an answer for you!

The Setup

I have a custom list at http://intranet.contoso.com/Lists/CustomList with a single column added called HideOnNewShowOnEdit (creative right?). Through the use of the ShowInNewForm property on the SPField object, we’ll mask the field and prevent it from being shown in any NewForm.



More fun

There are a few more properties which will aid you in your field hiding journey. Take a look at: