Determining Core Counts in Azure PowerShell the Easy Way™

In the past, to retrieve the number of cores in use in a given Azure subscription (or to retrieve the maximum number of cores available), we had to jump through some hoops to get the information we needed.

One method was to loop through ALL of the Services and then ALL of the Virtual Machines provisioned and maintain a running count of the consumed cores (Ex. Windows Azure compute cores and you. Not only is this tedious, it’s no longer necessary!

A new parameter has been introduced to the Get-AzureSubscription cmdlet called ExtendedDetails. By executing the cmdlet with the ExtendedDetails parameter, you’ll see not only the CurrentCoreCount and MaximumCoreCount, but also some metrics around the number of services you’re consuming (Cloud Services, Storage Accounts, etc.).

Get-AzureSubscription -ExtendedDetails output

If you’ve been executing scripts to provision environments that consistently fail due to lack of cores, a quick check of the output of the Get-AzureSubscription cmdlet could save you some time.

Ignite SharePoint 2013 Search Session

I particularly like Slide 22 (Search Scale Out and Optimization) aka The Cheat Sheet.

Is cross-site publishing destined for Office 365?

Cross-site publishing, and particularly Product Catalogs have been missing from the SharePoint 2013/v16 rev of SharePoint Online, leaving a large gap in functionality between on-premises deployments and our Cloud overlords. Reading the Service Description, both WCM: Catalog and WCM: Cross-site publishing are listed as "Not available to SharePoint Online customers."

It appears however, that it’s all about to change. While editing a page in one of my tenants today, I noticed a few changes:

All that is missing now is that magical ability to create a Product Catalog site collection.