Ignite SharePoint 2013 Search Session

I particularly like Slide 22 (Search Scale Out and Optimization) aka The Cheat Sheet.

Is cross-site publishing destined for Office 365?

Cross-site publishing, and particularly Product Catalogs have been missing from the SharePoint 2013/v16 rev of SharePoint Online, leaving a large gap in functionality between on-premises deployments and our Cloud overlords. Reading the Service Description, both WCM: Catalog and WCM: Cross-site publishing are listed as "Not available to SharePoint Online customers."

It appears however, that it’s all about to change. While editing a page in one of my tenants today, I noticed a few changes:

All that is missing now is that magical ability to create a Product Catalog site collection.

Differences between Office Web Apps (WAC) and Native Clients

It can be a little tough to discern the differences between the capabilities of Office Web Apps (WAC) and their fat-client counterparts in the desktop Office suite. While Microsoft doesn’t provide an outright comparison table, they do offer the following: